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NGK DR8EA Sparkplug

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ATV & Utility Catalogue

MakeEngine SizeModelDate
APACHE170RLX 170 S06-->
APACHE250RLX 250 AX06-->08
ARCTIC CAT15015009-->
BOMBARDIER (-->05)500Traxter (Rotax) Ø12mm Plug98-->02
BOMBARDIER (-->05)650DS 650 (Rotax) Ø12mm Plug00-->05
BOMBARDIER (-->05)650Quest 650 (Rotax 4-TEC) Ø12mm Plug02-->03
CAN-AM (BRP)650DS 650 (Rotax) Ø12mm Plug06-->07
HYMOTO300HQ300 4x4 / SRL07-->
KAWASAKI300KLF300 (Ø12mm Plug)89-->
KYMCO150MXer 150 /RL01-->
KYMCO150MXU 150 RL05-->
MOTO ROMA282Geko 30005-->
QUADZILLA165R170E Stinger03-->06
QUADZILLA200200E 4 Cross
QUADZILLA300300E SUV 4 Valve
SKYTEAM200ST200 Quad
YAMAHA 350YFM350 Big Bear 4WD94-->97
YAMAHA 350YFM350A, FWA Bruin 2WD/4WD03-->
YAMAHA350YFM350FX Wolverine95-->99
YAMAHA 350YFM350R Raptor05-->
YAMAHA 350YFM350X Warrior87-->04
YAMAHA400YFM400 Big Bear Professional Manual00-->06
YAMAHA400YFM40 Big Bear Manual07-->
YAMAHA 400YFM400 Kodiak Manual94-->99
YAMAHA400YFM400 Kodiak Auto00-->05
YAMAHA400YFM4FAV Kodiak Auto2006
YAMAHA 450YFM450F Kodiak03-->05
YAMAHA 450YFM45 Kodiak2006
YAMAHA 450YFM45 Grizzly07-->
YAMAHA 450YFM45 Grizzly EPS10-->

Horticultural Sparks

MakeCategoryGap mm
ADLYATV & Utility0.7
APACHEATV & Utility0.6
APACHEATV & Utility0.6
ARCTIC CATATV & Utility0.7
BOMBARDIER (-->05)ATV & Utility0.7
BOMBARDIER (-->05)ATV & Utility0.7
BOMBARDIER (-->05)ATV & Utility0.7
CAN-AM (BRP)ATV & Utility0.7
HYMOTOATV & Utility0.7
HYMOTOATV & Utility0.7
KAWASAKIATV & Utility0.7
KAWASAKIATV & Utility0.7
KYMCOATV & Utility0.7
KYMCOATV & Utility0.7
MOTO ROMAATV & Utility0.7
SKYTEAMATV & Utility0.7
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.7
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.7
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.8
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.8
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.8
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.8
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.8
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.7
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.7
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.8
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.7
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.8
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.7
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.7
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.7
YAMAHAATV & Utility0.8


MakeEngine SizeModelDate
AJS125CR3-125 Super Sports08-->
APRILIA250Leonardo 25099-->03
APRILIA300Leonardo 30004-->
BASHAN250Vixen VX25006-->
BETA / BETAMOTOR125Alp 4T 12500-->
BETA / BETAMOTOR200Alp 4T 20000-->
BETA / BETAMOTOR200Urban 20008-->
BIMOTA1000YB11 Superleggera00-->
HYOSUNG125Grand Prix 125, GP-Plus99-->
HYOSUNG125HD125 Hyper04-->06
ITALJET250Jupiter 25001-->04
KAWASAKI400Z400 J382-->83
KTM400400 EGS-E97-->
KTM400400 LSE
KTM400LC4 400
KTM600600 EGS-E
KTM600LC4 640
KTM620620 Adventure, 620LSE, 620 Duke97-->
KYMCO125Hipster 125 (2 Valve)01-->
KYMCO125Pulsar 125
KYMCO125Sector 125
KYMCO125Stryker 125
KYMCO125Zing 12597-->
MBK260Kilibre 30003-->
MOTO ROMA125SK12510-->
PULSE250Adrenaline 250 XF250GY08-->
SMC125CHP 125 Chopper
SUZUKI125DR125 SEX-SEY99-->01
SUZUKI125GN125 W-X93-->01
SUZUKI125GZ125 W, X, Y, K1-K3 Marauder98-->
SUZUKI250GN250 F, J, K, L, M, N, P, R, T87-->97
SUZUKI250TU250 X, V, W97-->00
YAMAHA 125SR12591-->03
YAMAHA 125TW12598-->04
YAMAHA 250Black X-max 25009-->
YAMAHA 250YBR25009-->
YAMAHA 250YP250 Majesty96-->04
YAMAHA 250YP250R X-Max05-->11
YAMAHA 264VP300 Versity03-->04
YAMAHA 1000FZR1000 EXUP93-->95
YAMAHA 1000YZF1000R Thunderace96-->02
ZONGSHEN125Arktix, Predator ZS125-GY10

Spark Plugs

NGK has been developing spark plug technology since the 1930s and manufacture plugs for every type of automotive engine, as well as for motorcycles, marine, horticultural, plant and many other applications. In fact NGK produces and stocks over 1,000 different types of spark plug and every product matches even the most demanding manufacturers' specifications. The vast experience and technology that NGK has ensures that there is no doubt that NGK are the world's No.1 spark plug.


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