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NGK U3004 Ignition Coil

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Ignition Coil Applications

Manuf.Model HeadingLitre / ModelBody TypeEngineAdditional InfoFitment InfoCoil TypeDateNo. of CoilsNo. of Pins
CHRYSLERCrossfire (03-->08)3.2CnvEGXBlock coil06/04-->12/0763
CHRYSLERCrossfire (03-->08)3.2CpeEGXBlock coil11/03-->12/0763
CHRYSLERCrossfire (03-->08)3.2, SRT-6Cnv, CpeEGZBlock coil08/05-->10/0763
MERCEDES BENZA Class A150 C1691.5M266.920Block coil02/05-->12/0943
MERCEDES BENZA Class A150 W1691.5M266.920Block coil02/05-->12/0943
MERCEDES BENZA Class A160 C1691.5M266.920Block coil06/09-->06/1243
MERCEDES BENZA Class A160 W1691.5M266.920Block coil06/09-->06/1243
MERCEDES BENZA Class A170 C1691.7M266.940Block coil02/05-->12/0943
MERCEDES BENZA Class A170 W1691.7M266.940Block coil02/05-->12/0943
MERCEDES BENZA Class A180 C1691.7M266.940Block coil06/09-->06/1243
MERCEDES BENZA Class A180 W1691.7M266.940Block coil06/09-->06/1243
MERCEDES BENZA Class A200 C1692.0M266.960Block coil02/05-->09/0843
MERCEDES BENZA Class A200 C1692.0, TurboM266.980Block coil10/05-->09/0843
MERCEDES BENZB Class B150 W2451.5M266.920Block coil10/05-->06/1043
MERCEDES BENZB Class B160 W2451.5M266.920Block coil12/09-->11/1143
MERCEDES BENZB Class B170 W2451.7M266.940Block coil10/05-->06/1043
MERCEDES BENZB Class B180 W2451.7M266.940Block coil12/09-->11/1143
MERCEDES BENZC Class C240 S2022.4M112.910Block coil06/97-->06/0063
MERCEDES BENZC Class C240 S2022.6M112.915Block coil09/00-->03/0163
MERCEDES BENZC Class C240 S2032.6M112.912Block coil05/01-->06/0463
MERCEDES BENZC Class C240 W2022.4M112.910Block coil06/97-->06/0063
MERCEDES BENZC Class C240 W2022.6M112.912Block coil06/00-->10/0063
MERCEDES BENZC Class C240 W2032.6M112.912Block coil09/00-->06/0463
MERCEDES BENZC Class C280 S2022.8M112.920Block coil06/97-->08/0063
MERCEDES BENZC Class C280 W2022.8M112.920Block coil06/97-->08/0063
MERCEDES BENZC Class C32 S2033.2, AMGM112.961Block coil08/01-->06/0463
MERCEDES BENZC Class C32 W2033.2, AMGM112.961Block coil08/01-->06/0463
MERCEDES BENZC Class C320 CL2033.2M112.946Block coil01/03-->07/0563
MERCEDES BENZC Class C320 S2033.2M112.946Block coil05/01-->07/0563
MERCEDES BENZC Class C320 W2033.2M112.946Block coil09/00-->07/0563
MERCEDES BENZC Class C350 CL2033.5M272.960Block coil07/05-->09/0863
MERCEDES BENZC Class C350 S2033.5M272.960Block coil07/05-->08/0763
MERCEDES BENZC Class C350 W2033.5M272.960Block coil07/05-->02/0763
MERCEDES BENZC Class C43 S2024.3, AMGM113.944Block coil02/98-->10/0083
MERCEDES BENZC Class C43 W2024.3, AMGM113.944Block coil02/98-->05/0083
MERCEDES BENZC Class C55 S2035.4, AMGM113.988Block coil06/04-->08/0783
MERCEDES BENZC Class C55 W2035.4, AMGM113.988Block coil06/04-->02/0783
MERCEDES BENZCL Class CL500 C2155.0M113.960Block coil01/00-->03/0683
MERCEDES BENZCL Class CL55 C2155.4, AMGM113.986Block coil06/00-->09/0283
MERCEDES BENZCL Class CL55 C2155.4, AMGM113.991Block coil09/02-->06/0483
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK240 A2092.6M112.912Block coil06/03-->08/0563
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK240 C2092.6M112.912Block coil06/02-->08/0563
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK320 A2083.2M112.940Block coil06/98-->03/0263
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK320 A2093.2M112.955Block coil06/03-->08/0563
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK320 C2083.2M112.940Block coil06/97-->06/0263
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK320 C2093.2M112.955Block coil06/02-->08/0563
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK430 A2084.3M113.943Block coil08/99-->03/0283
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK430 C2084.3M113.943Block coil08/99-->06/0283
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK500 A2095.0M113.968Block coil06/03-->12/0683
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK500 C2095.0M113.968Block coil04/02-->12/0683
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK500 C2095.5M273.965Block coil09/06-->05/0983
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK55 A2095.4, AMGM113.987Block coil06/03-->09/0683
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK55 C2085.4, AMGM113.981,M113.984Block coil08/99-->06/0283
MERCEDES BENZCLK Class CLK55 C2095.4, AMGM113.987Block coil05/03-->09/0683
MERCEDES BENZCLS Class CLS500 C2195.0M113.967Block coil03/05-->07/0683
MERCEDES BENZCLS Class CLS55 C2195.4, AMGM113.990Block coil05/05-->08/0683
MERCEDES BENZE Class E240 S2102.4M112.911Block coil06/99-->06/0063
MERCEDES BENZE Class E240 S2102.6M112.914Block coil06/00-->05/0363
MERCEDES BENZE Class E240 S2112.6M112.913Block coil07/03-->09/0563
MERCEDES BENZE Class E240 W2102.4M112.911Block coil06/99-->06/0063
MERCEDES BENZE Class E240 W2102.6M112.914Block coil06/00-->06/0263
MERCEDES BENZE Class E240 W2112.6M112.913,M112.917Block coil06/02-->09/0563
MERCEDES BENZE Class E280 S2102.8M112.921Block coil01/99-->03/0363
MERCEDES BENZE Class E280 W2102.8M112.921Block coil03/97-->03/0263
MERCEDES BENZE Class E320 S2103.2M112.941Block coil06/97-->12/0263
MERCEDES BENZE Class E320 S2113.2M112.949Block coil07/03-->02/0563
MERCEDES BENZE Class E320 W2103.2M112.941Block coil06/97-->03/0263
MERCEDES BENZE Class E320 W2113.2M112.949Block coil06/02-->02/0563
MERCEDES BENZE Class E350 C2073.5, CGI BlueEFFICIENCYM272.982,M272.984Block coil06/09-->63
MERCEDES BENZE Class E350 S2113.5, CGIM272.985Block coil12/08-->07/0963
MERCEDES BENZE Class E350 S2123.5, CGI BlueEFFICIENCYM272.983Block coil12/09-->63
MERCEDES BENZE Class E430 S2104.3M113.940Block coil09/97-->03/0383
MERCEDES BENZE Class E430 W2104.3M113.940Block coil09/97-->03/0283
MERCEDES BENZE Class E500 S2115.0M113.967Block coil10/03-->08/0683
MERCEDES BENZE Class E500 S2115.5M273.960Block coil07/06-->07/0983
MERCEDES BENZE Class E500 W2115.0M113.967Block coil06/02-->08/0683
MERCEDES BENZE Class E500 W2115.5M273.960Block coil07/06-->12/0883
MERCEDES BENZE Class E55 S2105.4, AMGM113.980Block coil02/98-->03/0383
MERCEDES BENZE Class E55 S2115.4, AMGM113.990Block coil10/03-->08/0683
MERCEDES BENZE Class E55 W2105.4, AMGM113.980Block coil02/98-->03/0283
MERCEDES BENZE Class E55 W2115.4, AMGM113.990Block coil10/02-->08/0683
MERCEDES BENZM Class ML320 W1633.2M112.942Block coil04/98-->08/0263
MERCEDES BENZM Class ML350 W1633.7M112.970Block coil09/02-->06/0563
MERCEDES BENZM Class ML430 W1634.3M113.942Block coil10/98-->12/0183
MERCEDES BENZM Class ML500 W1635.0M113.964,M113.965Block coil09/01-->06/0583
MERCEDES BENZM Class ML500 W1645.0M113.964Block coil09/05-->08/0883
MERCEDES BENZM Class ML55 W1635.4, AMGM113.981Block coil09/00-->04/0483
MERCEDES BENZR Class R500 W2515.0M113.971Block coil03/06-->12/0683
MERCEDES BENZS Class S280 W2202.8M112.922Block coil12/98-->08/0563
MERCEDES BENZS Class S320 V2203.2, LimousineM112.944Block coil12/98-->12/0263
MERCEDES BENZS Class S320 W2203.2M112.944Block coil12/98-->12/0263
MERCEDES BENZS Class S350 V2203.7, LimousineM112.972Block coil09/02-->08/0563
MERCEDES BENZS Class S350 W2203.7M112.972Block coil09/02-->08/0563
MERCEDES BENZS Class S430 V2204.3, LimousineM113.941Block coil12/98-->04/0483
MERCEDES BENZS Class S430 W2204.3M113.941Block coil12/98-->04/0483
MERCEDES BENZS Class S500 V2205.0, LimousineM113.960Block coil09/02-->08/0583
MERCEDES BENZS Class S500 W2205.0M113.960Block coil09/02-->08/0583
MERCEDES BENZS Class S55 V2205.4, AMGM113.986Block coil06/00-->12/0283
MERCEDES BENZS Class S55 V2205.4, AMGM113.991Block coil09/02-->08/0583
MERCEDES BENZS Class S55 W2205.4, AMGM113.986Block coil06/00-->12/0283
MERCEDES BENZS Class S55 W2205.4, AMGM113.991Block coil09/02-->08/0583
MERCEDES BENZSL Class SL280 R1292.8M112.923,M112.925Block coil06/98-->10/0163
MERCEDES BENZSL Class SL320 R1293.2M112.943Block coil06/98-->10/0163
MERCEDES BENZSL Class SL350 R2303.7M112.973Block coil03/03-->04/0663
MERCEDES BENZSL Class SL500 R1295.0M113.961Block coil06/00-->10/0183
MERCEDES BENZSL Class SL500 R2305.0M113.963Block coil03/02-->04/0683
MERCEDES BENZSL Class SL55 R2305.4, AMGM113.992Block coil03/02-->03/0683
MERCEDES BENZSL Class SL55 R2305.4, AMGM113.995Block coil03/06-->06/0883
MERCEDES BENZSLK Class SLK32 R1703.2, AMGM112.960Block coil08/01-->04/0463
MERCEDES BENZSLK Class SLK320 R1703.2M112.947Block coil03/00-->04/0463
MERCEDES BENZSLK Class SLK55 R1715.4, AMGM113.989Block coil08/04-->02/1183
MERCEDES BENZSLR Class C1995.4, McLaren SLRM155.980Block coil09/04-->12/0883
MERCEDES BENZSLR Class C1995.4, McLaren SLR 722M155.980Block coil01/07-->12/0983
MERCEDES BENZSLR Class R1995.4, McLaren SLRCnvM155.980Block coil09/07-->06/0983
MERCEDES BENZSLR Class R1995.4, McLaren SLR Stirling MossRdsM155.980Block coil05/09-->06/1083
MERCEDES BENZViano W6393.2M112.951Block coil11/03-->03/0563
MERCEDES BENZViano W6393.5M112.976Block coil03/05-->12/0863
SSANGYONGRexton MK 13.2, RX320G32DBlock coil08/03-->12/0563

Ignition Coils

NGK ignition coils provide the ignition voltage required for the reliable ignition and the generation of the ignition spark at the spark plug.

NGK's new range of OE quality Ignition Coils already has over 300 part numbers which means for the top 10 manufacturers alone NGK deliver over 90% coverage of the UK car parc. With a "perfect match for every engine" philosophy, you'd expect nothing less from NGK when launching a new product range. And that's exactly what you find with NGK's ignition coils.


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