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NGK U5015 Ignition Coil

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Ignition Coil Applications

Manuf.Model HeadingLitre / ModelBody TypeEngineAdditional InfoFitment InfoCoil TypeDateNo. of CoilsNo. of Pins
AUDIA1 8X (10-->)2.0, quattroCDLHPencil coil06/12-->03/1344
AUDIA3 8P (03-->)1.8, TFSiCnvBZB,CDAAPencil coil04/08-->44
AUDIA3 8P (03-->)1.8, TFSiHbkBYT,BZB,CDAAPencil coil01/07-->44
AUDIA3 8P (03-->)2.0, FSiHbkAXW,BLR,BLX,BLY,BMB,BVY,BVZPencil coil06/03-->08/0744
AUDIA3 8P (03-->)2.0, TFSiCnvCAWB,CCZAPencil coil04/08-->44
AUDIA3 8P (03-->)2.0, TFSiHbkAXX,BPY,BWA,CAWB,CBFA,CCZATo Ch. No.: 8P6A030000, 8P6B003500Pencil coil09/04-->44
AUDIA3 8P (03-->)2.0, TFSi QuattroHbkAXX,BWA,CCZATo Ch. No.: 8P6A030000, 8P6B003500Pencil coil09/04-->44
AUDIA4 B7 (04-->08)2.0, DTM QuattroSalBULPencil coil09/05-->04/0744
AUDIA4 B7 (04-->08)2.0, TFSiSalBGB,BPG,BWE,BWTPencil coil11/04-->06/0844
AUDIA4 B7 (04-->08)2.0, TFSi AvantEstBGB,BWEPencil coil11/04-->06/0844
AUDIA4 B7 (04-->08)2.0, TFSi Avant S LineEstBULPencil coil12/05-->06/0844
AUDIA4 B7 (04-->08)2.0, TFSi QuattroSalBGB,BPG,BWE,BWTPencil coil11/04-->06/0844
AUDIA4 B7 (04-->08)2.0, TFSi Quattro AvantEstBGB,BWEPencil coil11/04-->06/0844
AUDIA4 B7 (04-->08)2.0, TFSi Quattro Avant S LineEstBULPencil coil12/05-->06/0844
AUDIA4 B7 (04-->08)2.0, TFSi S LineSalBULPencil coil12/05-->06/0844
AUDIA4 B7 (06-->10)2.0, TFSiBWE,BWTPencil coil04/06-->03/0944
AUDIA4 B8 (08-->12)1.8, TFSI 120SalCABAPencil coil04/08-->08/1244
AUDIA4 B8 (08-->12)1.8, TFSI 160SalCABB,CCUA,CDHBPencil coil04/08-->08/1244
AUDIA4 B8 (08-->12)1.8, TFSI 160 AvantEstCABB,CCUA,CDHBPencil coil04/08-->08/1244
AUDIA4 B8 (08-->12)2.0, ALLROAD TFSIEstCDNC,CPMAPencil coil04/09-->08/1244
AUDIA4 B8 (08-->12)2.0, TFSI 211SalCADA,CAEB,CDNCPencil coil07/08-->08/1244
AUDIA4 B8 (08-->12)2.0, TFSI 211 AvantEstCADA,CDNCPencil coil07/08-->08/1244
AUDIA4 B8 (08-->12)2.0, TFSI 211 QuattroSalCAEB,CDNC,CPMAPencil coil07/08-->08/1244
AUDIA4 B8 (08-->12)2.0, TFSI 211 Quattro AvantEstCDNCPencil coil07/08-->08/1244
AUDIA4 B8 (11-->)1.8, TFSISalCABAPencil coil12/11-->44
AUDIA4 B8 (11-->)2.0, Allroad TFSIEstCDNC,CPMAPencil coil12/11-->44
AUDIA4 B8 (11-->)2.0, TFSISalCADA,CAEB,CDNCPencil coil12/11-->44
AUDIA4 B8 (11-->)2.0, TFSI AvantEstCADA,CDNCPencil coil12/11-->44
AUDIA4 B8 (11-->)2.0, TFSI QuattroSalCAEB,CDNC,CPMAPencil coil12/11-->44
AUDIA4 B8 (11-->)2.0, TFSI Quattro AvantEstCDNCPencil coil12/11-->44
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)1.8, TFSI 160Cnv, CpeCDHBPencil coil12/09-->03/1244
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)1.8, TFSI 170CpeCABDPencil coil11/07-->10/0844
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)2.0, TFSI 180CpeCDNBPencil coil11/08-->03/1244
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)2.0, TFSI 180HbkCDNBPencil coil09/09-->03/1244
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)2.0, TFSI 211CnvCAEB,CDNCPencil coil03/09-->44
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)2.0, TFSI 211CpeCDNCPencil coil06/08-->44
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)2.0, TFSI 211HbkCDNCPencil coil09/09-->44
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)2.0, TFSI 211 QuattroCnvCAEB,CDNCPencil coil08/09-->44
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)2.0, TFSI 211 QuattroCpeCAEB,CDNCPencil coil06/08-->44
AUDIA5 8T/8F (07-->)2.0, TFSI 211 QuattroHbkCDNCPencil coil09/09-->44
AUDIA6 C6 (04-->12)2.0, TFSiSalBPJ,BYKPencil coil07/05-->12/0844
AUDIA6 C6 (04-->12)2.0, TFSi AvantEstBPJPencil coil07/05-->12/0844
AUDIQ3 (11-->)2.0, TFSI 170 QuattroCCZCPencil coil07/11-->44
AUDIQ3 (11-->)2.0, TFSI 211 QuattroCPSAPencil coil07/11-->44
AUDIQ5 8R (08-->12)2.0, TFSI 180CDNB,CNCBPencil coil12/09-->10/1244
AUDIQ5 8R (08-->12)2.0, TFSI 211CAEB,CDNC,CPMAPencil coil11/08-->10/1244
AUDIQ5 8R (08-->12)3.2, FSICALBPencil coil04/09-->10/1264
AUDIQ5 8R (12-->)2.0, TFSICDNB,CNCBPencil coil10/12-->44
AUDIR8 42 (07-->13)5.2, GTCpeCMPAPencil coil03/11-->05/13104
AUDIR8 42 (07-->13)5.2, GT SpyderCnvCMPAPencil coil11/11-->05/13104
AUDIRS3 (11-->)2.5CEPAPencil coil04/11-->04/1354
AUDIRS4 B7 (06-->10)4.2CnvBNSPencil coil09/06-->12/0884
AUDIRS4 B7 (06-->10)4.2SalBNSPencil coil10/05-->12/0784
AUDIRS4 B7 (06-->10)4.2, Avant QuattroEstBNSPencil coil09/06-->06/0884
AUDIRS4 B8 (11-->)4.2, Avant QuattroCFSAPencil coil07/12-->84
AUDIRS5 8T (07-->)4.2, QuattroCFSAPencil coil03/10-->84
AUDIS3 8P (03-->)2.0, TFSi QuattroBHZ,CDLAPencil coil11/06-->44
AUDITT 8J (06-->)1.8, TFSICnvCDAAPencil coil03/09-->44
AUDITT 8J (06-->)1.8, TFSICpeCDAAPencil coil09/11-->44
AUDITT 8J (06-->)2.0, TFSi 200CnvBPY,BWA,CCTAPencil coil03/07-->06/1044
AUDITT 8J (06-->)2.0, TFSi 200CpeBPY,BWA,CCTAPencil coil09/06-->06/1044
AUDITT 8J (06-->)2.0, TFSi 200 QuattroCnv, CpeCCZAPencil coil03/09-->06/1044
AUDITT 8J (06-->)2.0, TFSI 211Cnv, CpeCESAPencil coil05/10-->44
AUDITT 8J (06-->)2.0, TFSI 211 QuattroCnv, CpeCESA,CETAPencil coil05/10-->44
AUDITT 8J (06-->)2.0, TT SCnv, CpeCDLBPencil coil05/08-->44
AUDITT 8J (06-->)2.5, TT RSCnv, CpeCEPAPencil coil07/09-->54
AUDITT 8J (06-->)2.5, TT RS PlusCnvCEPBPencil coil04/12-->54
AUDITT 8J (06-->)2.5, TT RS PlusCpeCEPBPencil coil07/12-->54
SEATAltea (04-->)1.8, XL TFSIBYT,BZB,CDAAPencil coil01/07-->12/0944
SEATAltea (04-->)2.0, Freetrack TFSIBWAPencil coil10/07-->05/0944
SEATAltea (04-->)2.0, FSiBLR,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil07/04-->03/0844
SEATAltea (04-->)2.0, TFSI FRBWAPencil coil06/06-->05/0944
SEATAltea (04-->)2.0, XL FSIBVY,BVZPencil coil01/07-->03/0944
SEATExeo (09-->)2.0, ST TSI 197EstBWEPencil coil07/09-->12/1044
SEATExeo (09-->)2.0, ST TSI 211EstCDNDPencil coil08/10-->44
SEATExeo (09-->)2.0, TSI 197SalBWEPencil coil04/09-->12/1044
SEATExeo (09-->)2.0, TSI 211SalCDNDPencil coil08/10-->44
SEATLeon (05-->13)2.0, FSiBLR,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil09/05-->08/0744
SEATLeon (05-->13)2.0, TFSiBWA1Pencil coil10/05-->05/0644
SEATLeon (05-->13)2.0, TFSI FRBWAPencil coil08/06-->03/0944
SEATLeon (05-->13)2.0, TSI 211CCZBPencil coil06/09-->44
SEATLeon (05-->13)2.0, TSI 240 CupraBWJ,CDLDPencil coil03/07-->03/1244
SEATLeon (05-->13)2.0, TSI 265 Cupra RCDLAPencil coil10/09-->44
SEATToledo (04-->10)2.0, FSIBLR,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil12/04-->12/0644
SKODAOctavia 1Z (04-->13)1.8, Scout TSI 160EstCDAAPencil coil01/09-->44
SKODAOctavia 1Z (04-->13)1.8, TSI 160EstCDAAPencil coil01/09-->44
SKODAOctavia 1Z (04-->13)1.8, TSI 160Est, HbkBZB,CDAAPencil coil07/07-->44
SKODAOctavia 1Z (04-->13)2.0, FSIEstBLR,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil02/05-->04/0944
SKODAOctavia 1Z (04-->13)2.0, FSIEstBLX,BVXPencil coil03/05-->04/0944
SKODAOctavia 1Z (04-->13)2.0, FSIHbkBLR,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil11/04-->04/0944
SKODAOctavia 1Z (04-->13)2.0, TFSI vRSEst, HbkBWA,CCZAPencil coil12/05-->44
SKODASuperb (08-->)1.8, TSI 152Est, HbkCDABPencil coil10/11-->44
SKODASuperb (08-->)1.8, TSI 160EstCDAAPencil coil01/10-->44
SKODASuperb (08-->)1.8, TSI 160HbkBZB,CDAAPencil coil09/08-->44
SKODASuperb (08-->)1.8, TSI 160HbkCDAAPencil coil11/08-->44
SKODASuperb (08-->)2.0, TFSI 200Est, HbkCCZAPencil coil09/11-->44
SKODAYeti (09-->)1.8, TSI 152CDABPencil coil10/11-->44
SKODAYeti (09-->)1.8, TSI 160CDAAPencil coil07/09-->44
VOLKSWAGENBeetle (12-->)2.0, TSI 200CBFA,CCTA,CCZAPencil coil08/12-->44
VOLKSWAGENCC (11-->)1.8, TSICDAAPencil coil11/11-->44
VOLKSWAGENCC (11-->)2.0, TSI 210CCZBPencil coil11/11-->44
VOLKSWAGENEos (06-->11)2.0, FSiBVY,BVZPencil coil08/06-->05/0844
VOLKSWAGENEos (06-->11)2.0, TSI 200BPY,BWA,CAWB,CBFA,CCTA,CCZAPencil coil08/06-->05/1044
VOLKSWAGENEos (06-->11)2.0, TSI 210CCZBPencil coil12/09-->09/1144
VOLKSWAGENEos (11-->)2.0, TSI 210CCZBPencil coil04/11-->44
VOLKSWAGENGolf MK 5 (03-->10)2.0, Edition 30HbkBYDPencil coil11/06-->12/0744
VOLKSWAGENGolf MK 5 (03-->10)2.0, FSiHbkAXW,BLR,BLX,BLY,BVX,BVY,BVZPencil coil01/04-->08/0644
VOLKSWAGENGolf MK 5 (03-->10)2.0, FSi 4MotionHbkBLX,BVXPencil coil04/05-->08/0644
VOLKSWAGENGolf MK 5 (03-->10)2.0, GTiHbkAXX,BPY,BWA,CAWB,CBFA,CCTAPencil coil01/05-->11/0844
VOLKSWAGENGolf MK 6 (09-->14)2.0, GTICnvCCZBPencil coil11/11-->44
VOLKSWAGENGolf MK 6 (09-->14)2.0, GTIHbkCCZBPencil coil04/09-->44
VOLKSWAGENGolf MK 6 (09-->14)2.0, GTI 35HbkCDLGPencil coil09/11-->44
VOLKSWAGENGolf MK 6 (09-->14)2.0, R 4MotionHbkCDLFPencil coil12/09-->44
VOLKSWAGENGolf Plus MK 5 (03-->10)2.0, FSiBLR,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil06/05-->08/0644
VOLKSWAGENJetta (06-->11)2.0, FSIBLR,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil02/06-->06/0744
VOLKSWAGENJetta (06-->11)2.0, TSIBPY,BWA,CAWB,CBFA,CCTA,CCZAPencil coil02/06-->10/1044
VOLKSWAGENPassat (05-->11)1.8, TSIEstBZB,CDAAPencil coil01/08-->03/1144
VOLKSWAGENPassat (05-->11)1.8, TSISalBZB,CDAAPencil coil01/08-->07/1044
VOLKSWAGENPassat (05-->11)2.0, FSiEstBLR,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil11/05-->03/0844
VOLKSWAGENPassat (05-->11)2.0, FSiSalBLR,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil06/05-->03/0844
VOLKSWAGENPassat (05-->11)2.0, TFSiEstAXX,BPY,BWA,CAWB,CBFA,CCTA,CCZAPencil coil11/05-->12/0944
VOLKSWAGENPassat (05-->11)2.0, TFSiSalAXX,BPY,BWA,CAWB,CBFA,CCTA,CCZAPencil coil10/05-->12/0944
VOLKSWAGENPassat (08-->12)1.8, CC TSIBZB,CDAAPencil coil06/08-->11/1044
VOLKSWAGENPassat (08-->12)2.0, CC TSI 200CAWB,CBFA,CCTA,CCZAPencil coil09/08-->03/1144
VOLKSWAGENPassat (08-->12)2.0, CC TSI 210CCZBPencil coil11/10-->05/1244
VOLKSWAGENPassat (10-->)1.8, TSI 160Est, SalCDAAPencil coil11/10-->44
VOLKSWAGENPassat (10-->)2.0, TSI 210Est, SalCCZBPencil coil11/10-->44
VOLKSWAGENScirocco (08-->)2.0, RCDLAPencil coil11/09-->44
VOLKSWAGENScirocco (08-->)2.0, TSI 200CAWBPencil coil09/08-->11/0944
VOLKSWAGENScirocco (08-->)2.0, TSI 210CCZBPencil coil12/09-->05/1144
VOLKSWAGENSharan MK 2 (10-->)2.0, TSI 200CCZAPencil coil12/10-->44
VOLKSWAGENTiguan (08-->11)2.0, TSI 170CAWA,CCZCTo Ch. No.: 5N 9W047 644Pencil coil07/08-->12/1144
VOLKSWAGENTiguan (08-->11)2.0, TSI 200CAWB,CCTA,CCZATo Ch. No.: 5N 9W047 644Pencil coil07/08-->12/1144
VOLKSWAGENTiguan (11-->)2.0, TSI 180CCZDPencil coil07/11-->44
VOLKSWAGENTiguan (11-->)2.0, TSI 210CCZBPencil coil07/11-->44
VOLKSWAGENTouran (03-->11)2.0, FSiAXW,BLR,BLX,BLY,BVY,BVZPencil coil10/03-->11/0544

Ignition Coils

NGK ignition coils provide the ignition voltage required for the reliable ignition and the generation of the ignition spark at the spark plug.

NGK's new range of OE quality Ignition Coils already has over 300 part numbers which means for the top 10 manufacturers alone NGK deliver over 90% coverage of the UK car parc. With a "perfect match for every engine" philosophy, you'd expect nothing less from NGK when launching a new product range. And that's exactly what you find with NGK's ignition coils.


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