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NGK U5055 Ignition Coil

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Ignition Coil Applications

Manuf.Model HeadingLitre / ModelBody TypeEngineAdditional InfoFitment InfoCoil TypeDateNo. of CoilsNo. of Pins
BMW1 Series 125 E823.0, iN53B30APencil coil04/08-->63
BMW1 Series 125 E883.0, iN52B30APencil coil04/08-->63
BMW1 Series 130 E813.0, iN52B30,N52B30APencil coil11/07-->05/1063
BMW1 Series 130 E873.0, iN52B30,N52B30APencil coil04/06-->05/1063
BMW1 Series 130 E873.0, iN52B30,N52B30APencil coil09/05-->03/0763
BMW1 Series 135 E823.0, iN54B30A,N55B30APencil coil10/07-->63
BMW1 Series 135 E883.0, iN54B30A,N55B30APencil coil04/08-->63
BMW1 Series M Coupe E823.0N54B30APencil coil04/11-->06/1263
BMW3 Series 325 E902.5, iN52B25,N52B25APencil coil05/06-->12/0763
BMW3 Series 325 E912.5, i TouringN52B25,N52B25A,N52B25CPencil coil04/06-->12/0763
BMW3 Series 325 E922.5, iN52B25,N52B25A,N52B25CPencil coil09/06-->12/0763
BMW3 Series 330 E903.0, iN52B30,N52B30APencil coil05/06-->09/0763
BMW3 Series 330 E913.0, i TouringN52B30,N52B30APencil coil04/06-->09/0763
BMW3 Series 330 E923.0, iN52B30APencil coil09/06-->63
BMW3 Series 330 E933.0, iN52B30APencil coil03/07-->63
BMW3 Series 335 E903.0, iN54B30A,N55B30APencil coil11/06-->07/1263
BMW3 Series 335 E913.0, i TouringN54B30APencil coil11/06-->63
BMW3 Series 335 E923.0, iN54B30A,N55B30APencil coil09/06-->63
BMW3 Series 335 E933.0, iN54B30A,N54B30B,N55B30APencil coil03/07-->63
BMW5 Series 523 E602.5, iN52B25,N52B25APencil coil07/05-->02/0763
BMW5 Series 523 E612.5, i TouringN52B25,N52B25APencil coil07/05-->02/0763
BMW5 Series 525 E602.5, iN52B25,N52B25APencil coil07/05-->06/0763
BMW5 Series 525 E612.5, i TouringN52B25,N52B25APencil coil07/05-->06/0763
BMW5 Series 530 E603.0, iN52B30,N52B30APencil coil07/05-->02/0763
BMW5 Series 530 E613.0, i TouringN52B30,N52B30APencil coil07/05-->02/0763
BMW5 Series 550 F104.4, iN63B44APencil coil03/10-->83
BMW6 Series 630 E633.0, iN52B30,N52B30APencil coil09/04-->10/0763
BMW6 Series 630 E643.0, iN52B30,N52B30APencil coil09/04-->10/0763
BMW7 Series 730 E653.0, iN52B30,N52B30APencil coil04/06-->04/0963
BMW7 Series 730 E663.0, LiN52B30,N52B30APencil coil04/06-->04/0963
BMW7 Series 740 F013.0, iN54B30APencil coil11/08-->63
BMW7 Series 740 F023.0, LiN54B30APencil coil11/08-->63
BMW7 Series 750 F014.4, iN63B44APencil coil11/08-->03/1383
BMW7 Series 750 F024.4, LiN63B44APencil coil11/08-->03/1383
BMW7 Series 760 F026.0, LiN74B60APencil coil09/09-->123
BMWX3 E832.5, siN52B25APencil coil09/06-->04/0963
BMWX3 E832.5, xDrive25iN52B25APencil coil09/08-->03/1163
BMWX3 E833.0, siN52B30APencil coil09/06-->04/0963
BMWX3 E833.0, xDrive30iN52B30APencil coil09/08-->12/0963
BMWX5 E703.0, siN52B30,N52B30APencil coil02/07-->04/0963
BMWX5 E703.0, xDrive30iN52B30APencil coil09/08-->12/0963
BMWX5 E704.4, MS63B44APencil coil09/09-->83
BMWX5 E704.4, xDrive50iN63B44APencil coil06/10-->83
BMWX6 E713.0, xDrive35iN54B30A,N55B30APencil coil05/08-->63
BMWX6 E714.4, MS63B44APencil coil09/09-->83
BMWX6 E714.4, xDrive50iN63B44APencil coil11/08-->83
BMWZ4 E852.5, iN52B25APencil coil02/06-->12/0963
BMWZ4 E852.5, siN52B25APencil coil02/06-->12/0963
BMWZ4 E853.0, siN52B30,N52B30APencil coil02/06-->12/0963
BMWZ4 E863.0, siN52B30,N52B30APencil coil07/06-->12/0963
BMWZ4 E892.5, sDrive23iN52B25APencil coil05/09-->07/1263
BMWZ4 E893.0, sDrive30iN52B30APencil coil05/09-->07/1263
BMWZ4 E893.0, sDrive35iN54B30APencil coil05/09-->63
BMWZ4 E893.0, sDrive35isN54B30APencil coil09/10-->63
CITROENBerlingo (08-->)1.6, Multispace VTi 95MPV5FK(EP6CB)Pencil coil08/10-->43
CITROENBerlingo (08-->)1.6, VTi 95VanEP6CPencil coil09/11-->43
CITROENC3 (10-->)1.6, VTi 1205FS(EP6C)Pencil coil01/10-->43
CITROENC3 Picasso (09-->)1.4, VTi 958FS(EP3)Pencil coil05/09-->43
CITROENC3 Picasso (09-->)1.6, VTi 1205FS(EP6C),5FW(EP6)Pencil coil05/09-->43
CITROENC4 (04-->11)1.6, VTi 120Cpe, Hbk5FW(EP6)Pencil coil10/08-->03/1143
CITROENC4 (04-->11)1.6, VTS 150Cpe5FX(EP6DT)Pencil coil09/08-->08/1043
CITROENC4 (11-->)1.4, VTi 958FP(EP3)Pencil coil03/11-->43
CITROENC4 (11-->)1.6, THP 1555FV(EP6CDT)Pencil coil01/11-->43
CITROENC4 (11-->)1.6, VTi 1205FS(EP6C)Pencil coil01/11-->43
CITROENC4 Grand Picasso (07-->)1.6, HTP 1405FT(EP6DT)Pencil coil09/08-->06/0943
CITROENC4 Grand Picasso (07-->)1.6, HTP 140 Automatic5FT(EP6DT)Pencil coil03/09-->08/1043
CITROENC4 Grand Picasso (07-->)1.6, HTP 150 Manual5FX(EP6DT)Pencil coil03/09-->03/1143
CITROENC4 Grand Picasso (07-->)1.6, HTP 1555FV(EP6CDT)Pencil coil09/10-->12/1243
CITROENC4 Grand Picasso (07-->)1.6, VTi 1205FW(EP6)Pencil coil09/08-->43
CITROENC4 Picasso (06-->)1.6, HTP 1405FT(EP6DT)Pencil coil09/08-->06/0943
CITROENC4 Picasso (06-->)1.6, HTP 140 Automatic5FT(EP6DT)Pencil coil03/09-->08/1043
CITROENC4 Picasso (06-->)1.6, HTP 1505FX(EP6DT)Pencil coil01/10-->03/1143
CITROENC4 Picasso (06-->)1.6, HTP 150 Manual5FX(EP6DT)Pencil coil03/09-->08/1043
CITROENC4 Picasso (06-->)1.6, HTP 1555FV(EP6CDT)Pencil coil09/10-->43
CITROENC4 Picasso (06-->)1.6, VTi 1205FW(EP6)Pencil coil09/08-->43
CITROENC5 (08-->)1.6, THP 155Est5FV(EP6DT)Pencil coil09/09-->08/1043
CITROENC5 (08-->)1.6, THP 155Sal5FV(EP6DT)Pencil coil09/09-->03/1343
CITROENDS3 A55 (09-->)1.4, VTi 958FP(EP3)Pencil coil04/10-->43
CITROENDS3 A55 (09-->)1.6, HTP 1505FR(EP6DT)Pencil coil04/10-->04/1243
CITROENDS3 A55 (09-->)1.6, HTP 1555FR(EP6DT)Pencil coil09/11-->43
CITROENDS3 A55 (09-->)1.6, VTi 1205FS(EP6C)Pencil coil04/10-->43
CITROENDS4 (11-->)1.6, THP 1555FV(EP6CDT)Pencil coil04/11-->03/1243
CITROENDS4 (11-->)1.6, THP 2005FU(EP6DTX)Pencil coil04/11-->43
CITROENDS4 (11-->)1.6, VTi 1205FS(EP6C)Pencil coil04/11-->43
CITROENDS5 (11-->)1.6, THP 2005FU(EP6DTX)Pencil coil12/11-->43
MINIMINI R55 (06-->)1.6, Clubman CooperN12B16APencil coil11/07-->08/1043
MINIMINI R55 (06-->)1.6, Clubman CooperN16B16APencil coil03/10-->43
MINIMINI R55 (06-->)1.6, Clubman Cooper SN14B16APencil coil11/07-->08/1043
MINIMINI R55 (06-->)1.6, Clubman Cooper SN18B16APencil coil03/10-->43
MINIMINI R55 (06-->)1.6, Clubman John Cooper WorksN14B16CPencil coil06/09-->43
MINIMINI R56 (06-->)1.4, FirstN12B14APencil coil07/09-->08/1043
MINIMINI R56 (06-->)1.4, OneN12B14APencil coil03/07-->08/1043
MINIMINI R56 (06-->)1.6, CooperN12B16APencil coil10/06-->08/1043
MINIMINI R56 (06-->)1.6, CooperN16B16APencil coil03/10-->43
MINIMINI R56 (06-->)1.6, Cooper SN14B16APencil coil10/06-->08/1043
MINIMINI R56 (06-->)1.6, Cooper SN18B16APencil coil03/10-->43
MINIMINI R56 (06-->)1.6, John Cooper WorksN14B16CPencil coil07/08-->43
MINIMINI R56 (06-->)1.6, John Cooper Works GPN14B16CPencil coil09/12-->43
MINIMINI R57 (09-->)1.6, CooperN12B16APencil coil03/09-->08/1043
MINIMINI R57 (09-->)1.6, CooperN16B16APencil coil03/10-->43
MINIMINI R57 (09-->)1.6, Cooper SN14B16APencil coil03/09-->08/1043
MINIMINI R57 (09-->)1.6, Cooper SN18B16APencil coil03/10-->43
MINIMINI R57 (09-->)1.6, John Cooper WorksN14B16CPencil coil03/09-->43
MINIMINI R58 (11-->)1.6, Coupe CooperN16B16APencil coil09/11-->43
MINIMINI R58 (11-->)1.6, Coupe Cooper SN18B16APencil coil09/11-->43
MINIMINI R58 (11-->)1.6, Coupe John Cooper WorksN14B16CPencil coil09/11-->43
MINIMINI R59 (12-->)1.6, Roadster CooperN16B16APencil coil02/12-->43
MINIMINI R59 (12-->)1.6, Roadster Cooper SN18B16APencil coil02/12-->43
MINIMINI R59 (12-->)1.6, Roadster John Cooper WorksN14B16CPencil coil02/12-->43
MINIMINI R60 (10-->)1.6, Countryman CooperN16B16APencil coil09/10-->43
MINIMINI R60 (10-->)1.6, Countryman Cooper SN18B16APencil coil09/10-->43
MINIMINI R60 (10-->)1.6, Countryman Cooper S ALL4N18B16APencil coil09/10-->43
PEUGEOT207 (06-->)1.4, sw VTi 95EstEP3Pencil coil08/07-->43
PEUGEOT207 (06-->)1.4, VTi 95HbkEP3(TU3E5)Pencil coil08/07-->03/1343
PEUGEOT207 (06-->)1.6, GTHbkEP6DTPencil coil11/06-->04/1043
PEUGEOT207 (06-->)1.6, GTi THP 175HbkEP6DT, EP6DTSPencil coil05/07-->12/1043
PEUGEOT207 (06-->)1.6, sw VTi 120EstEP6Pencil coil08/07-->43
PEUGEOT207 (06-->)1.6, THP 150CnvEP6DTPencil coil03/07-->12/1043
PEUGEOT207 (06-->)1.6, THP 156CnvEP6DTPencil coil06/10-->43
PEUGEOT207 (06-->)1.6, VTi 120CnvEP6Pencil coil03/07-->43
PEUGEOT207 (06-->)1.6, VTi 120HbkEP6Pencil coil08/07-->43
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.4, sw VTi 95Est8FS(EP3)Pencil coil06/08-->12/0943
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.4, VTi 95HbkEP3Pencil coil09/07-->12/1043
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, cc THP 140 AutomaticCnv5FT(EP6DT)Pencil coil06/09-->05/1043
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, cc THP 150Cnv5FX(EP6DT)Pencil coil06/09-->08/1043
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, cc THP 156CnvEP6CDTPencil coil12/09-->43
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, cc VTi 120CnvEP6Pencil coil06/09-->43
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, GT THP 175Hbk5FY(EP6DTS)Pencil coil04/08-->12/1043
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, GT THP 200HbkEP6CDTXPencil coil07/10-->43
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, sw GT THP 175Est5FY(EP6DTS)Pencil coil06/08-->12/1043
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, sw THP 140 AutomaticEst5FT(EP6DT)Pencil coil06/08-->12/1043
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, sw THP 150 ManualEst5FX(EP6DT)Pencil coil06/08-->12/1043
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, sw THP 156EstEP6CDTPencil coil04/10-->43
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, sw VTi 120EstEP6Pencil coil06/08-->43
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, THP 140 AutomaticHbk5FT(EP6DT)Pencil coil09/07-->12/1043
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, THP 150 ManualHbk5FX(EP6DT)Pencil coil09/07-->12/1043
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, THP 156HbkEP6CDTPencil coil06/10-->43
PEUGEOT308 (07-->)1.6, VTi 120HbkEP6Pencil coil09/07-->43
PEUGEOT508 (11-->)1.6, sw THP 156EstEP6CDTPencil coil04/11-->43
PEUGEOT508 (11-->)1.6, sw VTi 120Est5FS(EP6C)Pencil coil04/11-->43
PEUGEOT508 (11-->)1.6, THP 156SalEP6CDTPencil coil03/11-->43
PEUGEOT508 (11-->)1.6, VTi 120Sal5FS(EP6C)Pencil coil03/11-->43
PEUGEOT3008 T84 (09-->)1.6, THP 1505FX(EP6DT)Pencil coil09/09-->09/1043
PEUGEOT3008 T84 (09-->)1.6, THP 1565FV(EP6DT)Pencil coil01/10-->43
PEUGEOT3008 T84 (09-->)1.6, VTi 1205FS(EP6C),EP6Pencil coil09/09-->43
PEUGEOT5008 T87 (10-->)1.6, THP 156EP6CDTPencil coil01/10-->43
PEUGEOT5008 T87 (10-->)1.6, VTi 1205FS(EP6C),EP6Pencil coil01/10-->43
PEUGEOTRCZ T75 (10-->)1.6, THP 156EP6CDTPencil coil03/10-->43
PEUGEOTRCZ T75 (10-->)1.6, THP 200EP6CDTXPencil coil06/10-->43

Ignition Coils

NGK ignition coils provide the ignition voltage required for the reliable ignition and the generation of the ignition spark at the spark plug.

NGK's new range of OE quality Ignition Coils already has over 300 part numbers which means for the top 10 manufacturers alone NGK deliver over 90% coverage of the UK car parc. With a "perfect match for every engine" philosophy, you'd expect nothing less from NGK when launching a new product range. And that's exactly what you find with NGK's ignition coils.


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