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NGK U6008 Ignition Coil

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Ignition Coil Applications

Manuf.Model HeadingLitre / ModelBody TypeEngineAdditional InfoFitment InfoCoil TypeDateNo. of CoilsNo. of Pins
CITROENBerlingo (02-->12)1.4, MultispaceMPVKFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil10/02-->12/0814
CITROENBerlingo (96-->02)1.4VanKFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil10/98-->12/0214
CITROENBerlingo (96-->02)1.4, MultispaceMPVKFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil04/99-->12/0214
CITROENSaxo (96-->99)1.4KFW(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil02/98-->10/9914
CITROENSaxo (96-->99)1.6NFZ(TU5JP)Black connectorRail coil06/98-->10/9914
CITROENSaxo (99-->04)1.4KFW(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil10/99-->05/0014
CITROENSaxo (99-->04)1.6, VTRNFZ(TU5JP)Black connectorRail coil10/99-->09/0014
CITROENXsara (97-->00)1.4CpeKFW(TU3JP),KFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil10/98-->08/0014
CITROENXsara (97-->00)1.4EstKFW(TU3JP),KFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil04/98-->08/0014
CITROENXsara (97-->00)1.4HbkKFW(TU3JP),KFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil11/97-->08/0014
CITROENXsara (97-->00)1.6Cpe, Est, HbkNFZ(TU5JP)Black connectorRail coil06/98-->09/0014
CITROENXsara Picasso (00-->10)1.6NFV(TU5JP)Black connectorRail coil06/00-->12/0514
PEUGEOT106 (96-->03)1.4KFW(TU3JP),KFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil03/98-->03/0314
PEUGEOT206 (98-->09)1.1HbkHFX(TU1JP),HFZ(TU1JP)Black connectorRail coil10/98-->06/0014
PEUGEOT206 (98-->09)1.4HbkTU3JPBlack connectorRail coil10/98-->06/0014
PEUGEOT206 (98-->09)1.6HbkNFZ(TU5JP)Black connectorRail coil10/98-->10/0014
PEUGEOT206 (98-->09)1.1, swEstHFX(TU1JP)Black connectorRail coil07/02-->04/0514
PEUGEOT206 (98-->09)1.4, swEstKFW(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil07/02-->08/0714
PEUGEOT306 (93-->03)1.4EstKFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil06/98-->12/0114
PEUGEOT306 (93-->03)1.4HbkKFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil06/98-->05/0114
PEUGEOT306 (93-->03)1.6Est, HbkNFZ(TU5JP)Black connectorRail coil06/98-->10/0014
PEUGEOT306 (93-->03)1.6SalNFZ(TU5JP)Black connectorRail coil06/98-->07/9914
PEUGEOTPartner (02-->11)1.4VanKFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil10/02-->10/0814
PEUGEOTPartner (02-->11)1.4, CombiMPVKFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil10/02-->12/0514
PEUGEOTPartner (96-->02)1.4VanKFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil06/98-->10/0214
PEUGEOTPartner (96-->02)1.4, CombiMPVKFX(TU3JP)Black connectorRail coil06/01-->10/0214

Ignition Coils

NGK ignition coils provide the ignition voltage required for the reliable ignition and the generation of the ignition spark at the spark plug.

NGK's new range of OE quality Ignition Coils already has over 300 part numbers which means for the top 10 manufacturers alone NGK deliver over 90% coverage of the UK car parc. With a "perfect match for every engine" philosophy, you'd expect nothing less from NGK when launching a new product range. And that's exactly what you find with NGK's ignition coils.


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