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NGK Y-741U Glowplug

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Car & Light Commercial : Glowplug

MakeModelEngine Size (CC)No of PlugsAdditional Info 1Additional Info 2Engine TypeDate
AUDIA21422cc312 Volt SystemAMF,ANY,BHC08/00-->
AUDIA3 (-->03)1896cc4From VIN No. 8L-2-037-878 OnwardsASZ,ATD,AXR05/00-->05/03
AUDIA4 (-->04)1896cc4From VIN No. 8E-2-148-698 OnwardsAVB,AVF,AWX01-->
AUDIA6 (97-->05)1896cc4AJM,AVB,AWX11/00-->
CHRYSLERVOYAGER2500cc4115 BHP QGS-SVM05/95-->01/01
FORDGALAXY I (-->00)1900cc4TURBO1Z03/96-->08/00
FORDGALAXY I (-->00)1900cc4TURBO AHU,AFN,AJM,ANU,ANF,AVG06/95-->08/00
FORDSCORPIO2500cc4VM 115 & 125 PSSCB,SCC,SCD11/94-->07/98
JEEPCHEROKEE2500cc4115 BHP QGS-SVM05/95-->07/99
JEEPGRAND CHEROKEE2500cc4115 BHP QGS-SVM02/97-->07/99
ROVER8252498cc4from VIN V230967 -->VM03/96-->10/99
SEATALHAMBRA 2 (00-->11)1896cc4TDI 130ASZ11/02-->11/05
SEATIBIZA 3&4 (00-->08)1400cc3AMF04/03-->
SEATIBIZA 3&4 (00-->08)1896cc4TDiATD02/02-->
SEATIBIZA 3&4 (00-->08)1896cc4TDi 130ASZ,BLT06/03-->
SEATIBIZA 3&4 (00-->08)1896cc4Cupra R BPX,BUK05/04-->
SEATLEON 1 (-->05)1896cc4TDi 130 ASZ08/03-->10/05
SEATLEON 1 (-->05)1896cc4TDi 150 (Vin 1M-2-062001-->)ARL01/04-->10/05
SEATTOLEDO 2 (99-->05)1896cc4ASZ03/99-->
SKODAFABIA 1 (99-->07)1400cc3AMF,BNV07/03-->03/07
SKODAFABIA 1 (99-->07)1896cc4TDi 6Y-2-451088 -->ATD,AWX,BLT,BSW10/03-->11/08
SKODAFABIA 1 (99-->07)1896cc4V RS 130bhpASZ08/03-->11/08
SKODAOCTAVIA (98-->04)1896cc4TDi PD 130bhpASZ05/03-->
SKODAROOMSTER (06-->10)1422cc3BNM, BNV07/06-->
SKODAROOMSTER (06-->10)1896cc4BSW06/06-->
SKODASUPERB (01-->08)1896cc4TDIAVB,AVF,AWX04/02-->09/06
VAUXHALL/OPELFRONTERA A2500cc425TD/TDS - VM41B08/96-->08/98
VOLKSWAGENBEETLE (00-->11)1896cc4AXR07/03-->04/11
VOLKSWAGENBORA1896cc4Vin No. 1J-2-600000 OnwardsARL,ASZ,ATD,AXR05/00-->
VOLKSWAGENCADDY Mk3 (04-->)1968cc4BDJ,BST03/04-->
VOLKSWAGENCARAVELLE T5 (03-->10)1896cc485-105bhp 12 Volt SystemAXB,AXC04/03-->06/10
VOLKSWAGENCARAVELLE T5 (03-->10)2460cc5T5 130-174bhp / 96-128kWAXD,AXE04/03-->06/10
VOLKSWAGENGOLF Mk4 (98-->04)1896cc4Vin No. 1J-2-600001 OnwardsARL,ASZ,ATD,AXR05/00-->
VOLKSWAGENLUPO1400cc3Vin No. 6X-2-005 001 OnwardsAMF07/00-->
VOLKSWAGENPASSAT (01-->05)1896cc4Vin No. 3B-2-350-001 OnwardsAVB,AVF,AWX10/00-->
VOLKSWAGENPOLO Mk4 (02-->09 )1422cc3TDIAMF01/02-->07/05
VOLKSWAGENPOLO Mk4 (02-->09 )1422cc3TDIBNM,BNV10/05-->
VOLKSWAGENPOLO Mk4 (02-->09 )1896cc4TDIATD,AXR,BLT01/02-->
VOLKSWAGENSHARAN 1 (95-->00)1896cc4VIN No. 7M-2-030-004 OnwardsANU,AUY03/99-->
VOLKSWAGENSHARAN 2 (00-->)1896cc4VIN No. 7M-2-030-004 OnwardsANU,AUY03/99-->
VOLKSWAGENSHARAN 2 (00-->)1896cc4ASZ,BVK04/00-->
VOLKSWAGENTOUAREG (-->10)2460cc5V6 TDIBAC,BLK06/03-->03/06
VOLKSWAGENTOUAREG (-->10)5000cc10V10 TDIAYH02/03-->03/06
VOLKSWAGENTRANSPORTER T5 (03-->)1896cc485-105bhp 12 Volt System OnlyAXB,AXC04/03-->
VOLKSWAGENTRANSPORTER T5 (03-->)2460cc5T5 130-174bhp / 96-128kWAXD,AXE04/03-->

Horticulutral Spec Chart

Hex size (mm)Thread diameter (mm)Thread pitchOverall length (mm)Heater tube length (mm)Terminal typeMarked Voltage
10M101.00 mm99294 mm Pin11 V

Glow Plugs

From the worlds No.1 spark plug manufacturer you'd expect nothing but the best from their glow plugs too; and you'd be right. NGK have been relentlessly developing engine pre-heating technology since the early 1960s and the inbuilt advanced technology ensures that automotive engineers can get the most out of their engine designs and help them meet the increasing emission targets necessary to improve our environment.


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