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NGK ZFR5F Sparkplug

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Car & Light Commercial : Sparkplug

MakeModelEngine Size (CC)No of PlugsAdditional Information 1Additional Information 2Engine TypeDate
ALFA ROMEO1591796cc4MPI 140 939 A4.00005/07-->
BMW7505000cc12E32M70 B5010/87-->08/94
BMW8505000cc12E31 M70 B5010/90-->09/94
BMW8505576cc12E31 CSIS70 B5601/93-->07/96
FIATCROMA (05-->)1796cc4939A.400002/06-->
SAAB9-3 Mk2 (05/02-->)1800cc4Z18XE09/05-->
SUZUKIWAGON R +1229cc4Z12XEP06/05-->
VAUXHALL/OPELAGILA (00-->07)998cc3Z10XEP08/03-->12/07
VAUXHALL/OPELAGILA (00-->07)1229cc4TWINPORTZ12XEP10/04-->12/07
VAUXHALL/OPELASTRA G (98-->04)1600cc416V TWINPORTZ16XEP06/03-->
VAUXHALL/OPELASTRA H (04-->)1400cc4Z14XEP05/04-->
VAUXHALL/OPELASTRA H (04-->)1600cc4Z16XEP,Z16XER05/04-->
VAUXHALL/OPELASTRA H (04-->)1800cc4Z18XE,Z18XER05/04-->
VAUXHALL/OPELASTRA H (04-->)1998cc4TURBO 170 & 200bhpZ20LEL,Z20LER 05/04-->
VAUXHALL/OPELCORSA C (00-->07)998cc3Z10XEP09/03-->04/07
VAUXHALL/OPELCORSA C (00-->07)1229cc4TWINPORT 79bhpZ12XEP10/04-->06/07
VAUXHALL/OPELCORSA C (00-->07)1400cc4Z14XE,Z14XEP08/03-->04/07
VAUXHALL/OPELCORSA D (06-->)998cc312 VALVEZ10XEP07/06-->
VAUXHALL/OPELCORSA D (06-->)1229cc416 VALVEZ12XEP07/06-->
VAUXHALL/OPELCORSA D (06-->)1364cc416 VALVEZ14XEP07/06-->
VAUXHALL/OPELMERIVA (-->10)1400cc4TWINPORTZ14XEP10/04-->12/10
VAUXHALL/OPELMERIVA (-->10)1598cc416 VALVE TwinportZ16XEP04/03-->12/10
VAUXHALL/OPELTIGRA (04-->)1400cc4Z14XEP05/04-->
VAUXHALL/OPELTIGRA (04-->)1800cc4Z18XE05/04-->
VAUXHALL/OPELZAFIRA (05-->)1600cc4Z16XE1,Z16XEP,Z16XER04/05-->
VAUXHALL/OPELZAFIRA (05-->)1800cc4Z18XEP,Z18XER04/05-->
VAUXHALL/OPELZAFIRA (05-->)1998cc4TURBO 200bhpZ20LER, Z20LET04/05-->

Horticultural Sparks

MakeCategoryGap mm
HONDAStationary Engines0.7
HONDAStationary Engines0.7
HONDAStationary Engines0.7
HONDAStationary Engines0.7
HONDAStationary Engines0.7
HONDAStationary Engines0.7

Spark Plugs

NGK has been developing spark plug technology since the 1930s and manufacture plugs for every type of automotive engine, as well as for motorcycles, marine, horticultural, plant and many other applications. In fact NGK produces and stocks over 1,000 different types of spark plug and every product matches even the most demanding manufacturers' specifications. The vast experience and technology that NGK has ensures that there is no doubt that NGK are the world's No.1 spark plug.


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