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NTK/NGK OZA446-E11 Lambda Sensor

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Oxygen Car & Comm. Apps

ManufacturerModel HeadingLitre / ModelEngine size ccEngineDateSensor Position
Audi 802.6 ABC07.92-->01.96Front
Audi1002.0 8VAAE12.90-->09.92Front
Audi1002.6 ABC04.92-->07.94Front
Audi1002.8 AAH12.90-->09.92Front
AudiA6 (->2004)2.6 ABC06.94-->Front
AudiCabrio2.6 ABC01.94-->Front
AudiCoupe2.6 ABC08.92-->08.94Front
AudiCoupe2.8 AAH09.91-->01.93Front
CitroenBX1.9i 8V BX19DFZ 03.86-->06.86Front
Peugeot5052.2i TurboN9T03.84-->06.86Front
RenaultAlpine2.5i TurboZ7U 73406.87-->12.92Front
RenaultEspace (1991->1997)2.0iJ7R 76801.91-->02.93Front
RenaultEspace (1991->1997)2.9iZ7W 712/ 71301.91-->07.94Front
RenaultR 51.7iF3N 702/ 72210.86-->12.96Front
RenaultR 252.9iZ7W 706/ 70706.87-->12.92Front

Oxygen Sensors Information

No. of WiresConnector Type No.LengthFitting
319490M18 x 1.5

Cross Reference

ManufacturerPart No
BERU0 824 010 046
BOSCH0258 003 004
BOSCH0258 003 063
BOSCH0258 003 158
BOSCH0258 003 164
BOSCH0258 003 194
BOSCH0258 003 508
BOSCH0258 003 509
CITROEN1628 83
CITROEN91 518 193
CITROEN91 535 718
HELLA6PA 009 165-511
HJS9201 7805
HJS9201 7832
PEUGEOT1628 83
PEUGEOT91 518 193
PEUGEOT91 535 718
RENAULT6001 009 534
RENAULT7700 260 909
RENAULT7700 266 922
VOLVO1326 578
VW GROUP034 906 265 E
VW GROUP048 906 265

Lambda Sensors

Lambda sensors are oxygen detecting devices that are fitted into the exhaust system of increasingly more internal combustion engines. They are a vital part of the emission reduction technology and also help to ensure that the engine is running at its optimum performance. NGK Spark Plug Co Ltd was a pioneer in this field and is now a world leader in the development and production of Lambda sensors under the NTK brand name. The superiority of NTK sensors has resulted in them being increasingly specified as original equipment for many of the world's automotive manufacturers.


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